How do I set a consultation (& is there a fee)?

Simply contact me to arrange a free consultation. A fee will be communicated in advance if considerable travel is required. We'll discuss the areas in which you need assistance and you will show me the space and/or items you need help with. I then provide a free estimate for services.

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How do you charge for your work?

Three ways: hourly, packages and per project. After your free consultation and estimate, most organizing work and odd-jobs will be billed hourly. After our first appointment, you will be encouraged to sign up for packages (such as 4 days x 4 hours) which reduces your hourly rate. Jobs such as a new closet installation or a custom built item will be given a project price, in advance.

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Should I get involved in the process?

Absolutely, but it depends on the project. Client involvement is usually encouraged with tasks such as paper organizing because investing yourself in the process makes successful maintenance more likely once the project is complete. The price will also go down because a few hours from you means a few less on-site hours for me.

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Can a project still be a success without my hands-on involvement?

Yes. Hands-on involvement by the client is not required. In fact, certain projects like installing a new closet system would not require your help (unless you need to purge and donate excess clothing). Once we discuss your needs, a plan can be devised and carried out without you needing to get your hands dirty. See D I My.

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I know I'm having a problem with something, but I'm not even sure how you could help. Should I still contact you now?

Yes, contact me now. Let's set up a consultation and discuss it. If I don't think I can help, I will be forthright. But I may have some ideas that are worth a try.

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Will the transformation happen fast like the TV shows?

No, it will not. I will always work as efficiently as possible and get the most done that I can within a given appointment. I will try to give you a sense for how many sessions hourly work might take but there are factors I can't see nor control.

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"You've provided me with a concise road map to mount my 'mound of papers'".

~Lori, actress, New York City

"Changed the way I think of filing and getting organized".

~Will, business owner

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